Sensory Solutions Class

Understanding and Supporting Your Unique Child

We teach a process that allows parents to fully understand sensory processing so they can understand their kids. We’ll give you the fancy therapy terms, but we break everything down into ways for you to easily understand it. We know it works because, well, we do it in our own homes as well as with dozens of other students across the world.

Understanding isn’t enough though, and we don’t stop there, we give you both general and specific ways to meet your child’s sensory needs, but most importantly we see the big picture and give you every tool you need to change the way you live. That sounds like a big statement, but it’s not an over-promise, our student’s lives are changed forever because they have learned how to do this sensory thing easily and effectively for their unique family, their life. It’s education, not just information.

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Alisha Grogan and Wendy Bertagnole
Alisha Grogan and Wendy Bertagnole

About the instructor

Hi, we are Alisha and Wendy, an Occupational Therapist and Special Education teacher.

More than that, we are both moms of formerly picky eaters, constant movers, and frequent "meltdowners." All those things changed in our homes when we started seeing the sensory connection behind those behaviors.

This mini course is based on our clinical and teaching experiences as professionals and mothers. We developed Sensory Solutions and these methods of approaching behavior because we needed them in our own homes. Here is where we share them with you.

What's included?

22 Videos
3 Quizzes
1 Survey
2 Texts
45 PDFs

Course Curriculum

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