Kids Tendencies and Behavior Can be Confusing!

Aggressive behavior, picky eating, difficulty sleeping, and so much more. Often these "behaviors" leave parents confused and wondering why they happen. No amount of parenting strategies seem to make any changes in your home when it comes to these behaviors.

That's when you know it's a sensory thing. We all have a sensory system. It's simply the way our bodies interpret sensory information around us. We all do it, and it affects each of us daily, but as adults we've developed coping mechanisms to help it feel more "normal."

Knowing why these behaviors happen and clearly seeing the link to the sensory system is the first step to truly addressing them in a way that finally works.

No more guessing.

This mini-course provides a great starting point by eliminating the questions and confusion about sensory processing so that you can truly begin to understand the role sensory plays in your child's life.

The content is easily delivered through 3 PDFs and accompanying videos, along with an incredibly useful workbook. All these together explain the sensory system, how it functions, and how it affects your child.

In this mini course you'll learn:

  • Which actions are linked to sensory and why they happen
  • What Sensory Processing Is
  • How to Tell if it's Sensory or if it's Behavior
  • An Overview of Each Sense
  • How to Start Addressing the Sensory Needs Effectively

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for professionals like OT's and teachers?

Yes, absolutely! We've had many professionals take this course to gain a better understanding of sensory or have resources to share with their clients and student's families. You will receive a certificate upon completion for .75 hours, although it isn't an official CEU certified course.

How long will I have access to the mini-course after I purchase it?

All of the materials are downloadable and you have guaranteed access for at least 1 year. This is an independent study, complete on your own time!

Will this mini-course help me help my child with their sensory needs?

We've had people tell us how confusing it is to search the internet while trying to piece together the information about sensory processing. This is a great place to start eliminating all that guesswork by laying a strong foundation of how sensory affects your child.

Do I need to watch the videos at a certain time?

This is a self-paced course. You go at your own speed. The videos are available to you the minute you purchase the course. You can watch them day or night, no matter where you are in the world. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Getting Started

    • Who We Are...

  • 2

    The Sensory Secrets Mini Course

    • Lesson 1 video

    • Lesson 1 Action Sheet

    • Lesson 2 Video

    • Lesson 2 Action Sheet

    • Sensory System Cheat Sheet

    • Lesson 3 Video

    • Lesson 3 Action Sheet

  • 3

    Complete Workbook

    • Sensory Secrets Full Workbook

  • 4

    Next Steps

    • Extra Resources

    • Free Sensory Workshop

About the instructor


Alisha Grogan and Wendy Bertagnole

Hi, we are Alisha and Wendy, an Occupational Therapist and Special Education teacher.More than that, we are both moms of formerly picky eaters, constant movers, and frequent "meltdowners." All those things changed in our homes when we started seeing the sensory connection behind those behaviors. This mini course is based on our clinical and teaching experiences as professionals and mothers. We developed Sensory Solutions and these methods of approaching behavior because we needed them in our own homes. Here is where we share them with you.
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