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3 Keys to Turn Your Picky Eater Around

Join Alisha Grogan to learn 3 strategies that can drastically change how and what your child eats.

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Key #1

How to create an environment that your child will be open to trying new foods in, or at least exploring them.

Key #2

Game changing simple techniques for a mealtime routine that promotes eating new foods.

Key #3

What you can do to the food you offer your child that will unlock the door to new foods (the answer might surprise you).

Alisha Grogan MOT, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist and Mom

Author and owner of Your Kid’s Table LLC, a site designed to help parents help their kids with sensory processing and all things feeding, two specialties of Alisha’s as a pediatric OT. She’s also the creator of the online class Mealtime Works and co-creator of Sensory Solutions. Alisha has three boys at home, one of who has sensory needs, and lives in Pittsburgh.